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For the last 50 years, the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association have officially sanctioned clinical hypnosis as a fundamental part of medicine and dentistry. However, this valuable tool is still largely underutilized and misunderstood. (Cited: Hypnosis in Dentistry Study Club with J. Henry Clarke, DMD)

The Mayo Clinic recognizes that many complementary and alternative medicine treatments such as hypnosis can help promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness and if it’s appropriate will integrating hypnosis into treatment plans for patients.

Dr. Weil has recommended hypnotherapy to help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disease, and counteract anxiety and sleep disorders. Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve performance, as a form of analgesia or sedation for medical and dental procedures, and even to help stop bleeding in accident victims. Dr. Weil believes that no health condition is out of bounds for trying hypnotherapy under the guidance of a skilled practitioner with whom a trusting relationship has been established.

~ Quoted from Dr. Weil’s website

The Kaiser Permanente Journal conducted a study on the success of hypnosis to assist with patients who experienced anxiety pending an upcoming surgery. Patients who listened to a hypnosis audio prior to surgery were more relaxed, healed faster and checked out of hospital more quickly than other surgery patients who did not participate in the study. Kaiser refers to hypnosis as an under utilized medical treatment.

During your free convenient phone consultation we will discuss how hypnosis can benefit you. When you come in to the office we will spend time discussing hypnosis, how our conscious and subconscious mind works and the effect that our thoughts and emotions can have on our body.

Before your hypnotherapy sessions, we will discuss and agree upon the therapeutic modalities that we will be using so that you feel completely comfortable with the process.

“I am married and have three children. I am a bus driver and I love my job. I was diagnosed with IBS and colitis I would get stressed out knowing that I am going to be away from a bathroom, and this made daily life very difficult. I used to be a spontaneous, but that all stopped. Not getting the results I wanted with western medicine. I had heard about medical hypnosis and I found Mindy Ash on the internet. Just a few sessions were all it took. Thank you Mindy; you helped me gain my life back.”


Scientific research has shown that clinical hypnotherapy is an appropriate adjunct to conventional treatment. The results of using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, to eliminate pain and accelerate healing as mentioned above, are so remarkable that many hospitals, physicians, dentists, and other health care practitioners are now using it with their own patients.

“As a woman of Christian faith with stage 4 cancer, I was a bit hesitant to use medical hypnosis. Mindy was considerate and compassionate and she customized each session which was beneficial because my physical pain would vary. She also gave me a pain management audio to listen to. Medication was no longer alleviating the pain as much and it made it difficult to function, but after a few weeks of hypnosis sessions, I have reduced my medications.”

Cheryl C.

**The term medical hypnotherapy is used for name recognition purposes only. It is not the practice of medicine. Persons with an ailment, or any kind of physical complaint for that matter, are to see their physician first for medical treatment, and make use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment.

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I have to tell you I am now the manager and 49% shareholder of a beautiful day spa and I just bought my dream car!  Thank you for helping me with hypnosis to apply a good positive energy to my life!

Debbie D.

Mindy, I want to thank you for the hypnosis sessions we did for abundance, cold calling and confidence. I was recognized in a local magazine as one of the top real estate agents in the city with the most transactions!

Jackie O.

Hypnosis News June 2021

Congratulations to Linda who let go of anxiety while flying. We used NLP and Hypnosis to help her let go of the fear and nausea she felt even weeks before her flight.- Congratulations to Cindy who utilized hypnosis to regained her confidence for doing tumbling while cheer leading. Welcome to the new clients who are using hypnosis to let go of severe anxiety because of Covid. And thank you to the doctors who recently referred me clients .

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Mindy is a Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Stop Smoking Specialist, Emotional Intelligence coach and she has been featured on the National television program America News Now &  ABC TV Show The Morning Blend in Las Vegas, on Fox News and many more. She has lectured on hypnotherapy at  Sharp Memorial Hospital, and taught sales classes, and hypnosis classes at hospitals and universities throughout the country. 

Some conditions may require a medical or psychological referral. Hypnotherapists are not licensed as Healing Arts Practitioners.

Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary.

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