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Hypnosis For Confidence

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Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem With Hypnosis

  • Imagine feeling more confident in all areas of your life.
  • Imagine what it would feel like to be comfortable making eye contact with people.
  • Picture yourself giving an outstanding presentation, or speaking more confidently than ever before.
  • Imagine feeling good while taking a test.

Now you can. Hypnosis can help you feel calm, self-assured and confident while talking to authority figures, an attractive person, or anyone else for that matter!

Many people notice positive changes in how they feel even after their very first hypnosis session.  You will notice that you feel more relaxed, centered and balanced.

The way we feel is a consequence of what we are thinking about or focusing on; for example when we say to ourselves, “I’m am going to get sick because it’s cold season” those thoughts may develop into a physical manifestation. Negative self-talk is jokingly referred to as “stinking thinking.”

Most of us don’t have a clue to as to why we behave the way we do. It’s natural to have some confidence: Perhaps you are good at cooking, driving, playing music, learning or a particular sport. And then, there are some areas in which you feel you could you use a boost of confidence, perhaps in your work, playing a sport or socializing.

Hypnotherapy can help you maintain your composure in difficult situations and develop self-assurance to handle situations where you used to be stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious and nervous.

Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you feel, respond and behave, by helping you shift your views and perceptions at the subconscious level so that you act differently and feel more confident.

Learn how I can help you experience more confidence than ever before. Call me for your free convenient phone consultation at 702-721-0370. Hypnosis offices are located in both Henderson/Anthem area and central Las Vegas.

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Hypnosis For Confidence

About Us

Mindy Ash of Mindy Ash Hypnosis Centers in Las Vegas


I have to tell you I am now the manager and 49% shareholder of a beautiful day spa and I just bought my dream car!  Thank you for helping me with hypnosis to apply a good positive energy to my life!

Debbie D.

Mindy, I want to thank you for the hypnosis sessions we did for abundance, cold calling and confidence. I was recognized in a local magazine as one of the top real estate agents in the city with the most transactions!

Jackie O.

Hypnosis News June 2021

Congratulations to Linda who let go of anxiety while flying. We used NLP and Hypnosis to help her let go of the fear and nausea she felt even weeks before her flight.- Congratulations to Cindy who utilized hypnosis to regained her confidence for doing tumbling while cheer leading. Welcome to the new clients who are using hypnosis to let go of severe anxiety because of Covid. And thank you to the doctors who recently referred me clients .

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Mindy is a Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Stop Smoking Specialist, Emotional Intelligence coach and she has been featured on the National television program America News Now &  ABC TV Show The Morning Blend in Las Vegas, on Fox News and many more. She has lectured on hypnotherapy at  Sharp Memorial Hospital, and taught sales classes, and hypnosis classes at hospitals and universities throughout the country. 

Some conditions may require a medical or psychological referral. Hypnotherapists are not licensed as Healing Arts Practitioners.

Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary.

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