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End Bad Habits with Hypnosis

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End Bad Habits

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Just imagine if your new motto in life was "do it now" and you were motivated to exercise and eat healthier foods so that you could lose weight and become healthier. Imagine what it would be like to be free from negative habits such as excessive shopping, gambling, smoking, abusing alcohol, soda, and more. With hypnosis we fill your mind with positive, empowering and productive thoughts so that you can achieve your goals.
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Quitting smoking is easy with hypnosis.  Making positive changes in all areas of your life can happen safely, easily and quickly with hypnotherapy.  Imagine better health, more finances and improved relationships and feeling better in every sense of the word; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
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We have all heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit; that applies when you use your willpower. When you change a habit with hypnosis in can happen in what feels like an instant! Hypnosis is not magic, however it can feel magical. When we change habits with hypnosis using our subconscious mind the change happens easily, naturally and quickly.
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Call today for your free convenient phone consultation because the sooner you do the sooner you will be on your way to a healthier life. Hypnosis is what you need to get you on the road to success so that you can let go of some old negative behaviors and create some healthy new ones. Call 702-721-0370.

Make Behavioral Changes Happen Easily and Naturally With Hypnosis

Mindy, Thank you for hypnotizing me! From that quick hypnosis session my productivity has dramatically increased. I completely finished the document I was working on, got half way through the next, submitted a very important business proposal and have a very clear path now to continue on. I went from crazy multitasking and over booking to having the courage to postpone meetings and follow the path of productivity. Thank you!

Kathy Custer
Owner, Keiki Sitters

Mindy, I felt compelled to send you this update. I have been smoke/alcohol free for three months now. It’s funny, I have been to functions where people are both drinking and smoking, and I have not even had the slightest urge to do either. My friends seem to struggle harder with the fact that I quit than I do, LOL! Thanks for all your help. Without God, and the sessions, I don’t think I could have pulled it off. You are a blessing to us all... P.S. My memory has increased 10 fold. I have totally improved in math and am looking forward to moving into high-end mathematics.

Rudy S.

After strict dieting months before my wedding, a honeymoon in Italy was exactly what I was craving. For two weeks I gorged on pasta, pizza, wine and more pizza. I managed to gain approximately 10 pounds while on this European holiday. Needless to say this wasn't they way I wanted to spend my new chapter of married life. I wanted to reset myself and my eating habits for good. Growing up I was praised for always being a good eater and finishing all my food, which psychologically forced me to ALWAYS finish what was on my plate, even if I was full.

Upon my first meeting with Mindy, she was able to pinpoint my downfalls of self-sabotage. She made me feel very comfortable talking about my eating habits and exercise routine. After the first session I felt amazing! I couldn't wait to workout, and when it came to mealtime, I was shocked by how less I ate. Within the first week, I lost 5 pounds. During the remainder of my sessions with Mindy, I lost approx 2 pounds a week, losing 13 pounds total. I am still on my path to success to get to my ideal weight.

I am so grateful to have experienced weight loss through hypnosis. My routine of eating and working out has permanently been altered without strain or deprivation. I honestly can't wait to workout, which has never been something I could have said before.

T. S.
Graphic Artist

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I have to tell you I am now the manager and 49% shareholder of a beautiful day spa and I just bought my dream car!  Thank you for helping me with hypnosis to apply a good positive energy to my life!

Debbie D.

Mindy, I want to thank you for the hypnosis sessions we did for abundance, cold calling and confidence. I was recognized in a local magazine as one of the top real estate agents in the city with the most transactions!

Jackie O.

Hypnosis News June 2021

Congratulations to Linda who let go of anxiety while flying. We used NLP and Hypnosis to help her let go of the fear and nausea she felt even weeks before her flight.- Congratulations to Cindy who utilized hypnosis to regained her confidence for doing tumbling while cheer leading. Welcome to the new clients who are using hypnosis to let go of severe anxiety because of Covid. And thank you to the doctors who recently referred me clients .

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Mindy is a Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Stop Smoking Specialist, Emotional Intelligence coach and she has been featured on the National television program America News Now &  ABC TV Show The Morning Blend in Las Vegas, on Fox News and many more. She has lectured on hypnotherapy at  Sharp Memorial Hospital, and taught sales classes, and hypnosis classes at hospitals and universities throughout the country. 

Some conditions may require a medical or psychological referral. Hypnotherapists are not licensed as Healing Arts Practitioners.

Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary.

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